BIMvid: Closed captions for live streaming and video on demand

Broadcasters, are you concerned your station is not ready for the upcoming FCC closed caption regulations for live streaming? Contact Broadcast Interactive Media today for more information on how our BIMvid solutions can help you!

Many of our clients are already using our video on demand solutions, which include an easy, automated method of publishing CEA-608 and CEA-708 captions from HD- and SD-SDI video sources in web video format. In advance of March 30, we are also getting ready to launch our BIMvid Live solution that enables similar automation for HTTP live streams off HD-SDI video sources, in near real time.

BIMvid clients also benefit from our fully VAST- and VPAID-compliant video player and the revenue-generating benefits of BIM's in house ad optimization platform.

To learn more, fill out the form below or call us (319) 739-3114.

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