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Connect to your audience with live streaming, on-demand video, and mobile publishing.


As viewing habits shift online, live streaming your programming is the next step. Being ROI positive is easier than ever by pairing locally sold ads with your content, while simultaneously delivering your stream to desktop and mobile platforms.

What you gain by live streaming your broadcast:

  • Return on your investment. We have the technology to automatically detect commercial breaks and run your local ads.
  • You don't have to share your ad inventory. It's still yours.
  • Your broadcast is viewable on any device, even mobile.
  • Ensure you're in compliance with the FCC. Our live streams include closed captioning.
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Your videos online, first. With our Bimvid mobile publisher app for iOS and Android, your organization's users can publish from anywhere. Download our app, set up a smart playlist using your Bimvid account, and embed a player on your site!

It's this simple:

  • Ask us for a free trial
  • Download our app for iOS or Android
  • Shoot video and upload from your mobile device
  • Watch your video appear instantly!

There's no need to log into a CMS to post new videos. If you're out covering an event, new videos will appear as fast as you can upload them.

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Do you run a conference, festival, or other event that brings people together? Increase the exposure for your brand and sponsors by live streaming your next event.

Bimvid enables you to extend your reach and connect to new audiences.

  • Live streaming doesn't mean losing your physical audience. It enhances it. People unable to attend can still virtually participate.
  • Do you have sponsors? We can run their videos, increasing their ROI and brand awareness. More value for them, more value for you... everybody wins.
  • Record your event. Ensure your viewers can watch long after the event has passed.
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"In no time flat, Bimvid had us ready to live stream our event featuring an executive from Intuit. It took just minutes on the phone to prepare our website and have peace of mind the technology would work. Bimvid then came to our event, managed the streaming and helped us post a digital version the day after. In our complex world, Bimvid made everything easy. When it came time to live stream the Startup Showcase, it was a no-brainer to partner with Bimvid again.”

Here's why you should live stream your next event.

Our mission is to provide video solutions that are fast, simple, and easy to use. We believe that any organization or individual should be able to broadcast, reach new audiences, and promote visual communication in the digital age.